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About Us

Ecom Sales Genius is a turnkey management company in the eCommerce sector and has the requisite experience to partner with clients searching for a recession-proof Ecom Sales Genius eCommerce business. Our team of eCommerce experts constantly analyzes the hottest trends to offer in-demand products. We ensure your store generates the highest sales volume possible. With our Ecom Sales Genius Automation service, we set up, manage and scale your Ecom Sales Genius eCommerce store – an established online website dedicated to selling trending products.


We manage all marketing, content creation & media buying on nearly every social platform. From there, we process and fulfill orders, and handle all customer service needs. Dropshipping: The beautiful thing about this service is that we are dropshipping on your branded store. We utilize the Dropshipping business model – we list items for sale on your Ecom Sales Genius store and ONLY buy inventory from our suppliers after we make sales on your store. This means there’s no risk of buying inventory upfront and waiting for a sale. You never see or touch the items you’re selling. The suppliers through our exclusive network do all the prepping shipping of items for you!

We fully manage the store’s operations for you. We drive all the store traffic, run paid marketing and advertising, source profitable products, grow your customer list, email list, manage customer service, handle order and fulfillment logistics, generate your monthly Profit & Loss Statements, and much more. Our business model is unique in that you own a turkey digital asset that continually grows in value. With Ecom Sales Genius, you actually own your customer and all the data that your webstore captures. We use this data to target and retarget people likely to purchase from your store. Client Responsibilities are minimal, involving only reviewing P&L statements, paying down credit cards and invoices, and providing our team with information requested during the Onboarding Phase.


Our Commitment to Your Success

Reclaim your time and money with These simple steps.

At EcomSalesGenius.com, we are dedicated to helping you achieve e-commerce excellence. Our commitment to your success is the driving force behind everything we do. Here's how we fulfill this commitment:

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Innovation and Expertise
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Measurable Results
  • Exceptional Support
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What’s Special About Ecom Sales Genius?

With Ecom Sales Genius, you actually OWN all of your data, website, entire storefront, your customer, email list, and all other assets! Whereas on third-party marketplaces you are subject to their rules and restrictions.


Our Services

We offer a Ecom Sales Genius drop shipping store that will make clients anywhere from $300-$3700 a month.

You will just need to just get your LLC which costs about $350 US.

Provide your information and have full onboarding with our team. The process will consist of a call with our team member and setting up their accounts


Recommended Working Capital or Credit Lines

Ecom Sales Genius pays its sellers out every 2-3 days and with specific bank integrations like Brex, daily payouts for clients are possible.

This allows you to scale your business much quicker with ease and comfort.

What do we do for our clients?


We ensure your Shopify store is set up and ready to be successfully automated whether it is brand new or an aged store transferred to our management team. We set up contracts with the nation's top brands and get your inventory set up in 30-60 days during the onboarding process.

Full-Time Management

Our dedicated team of Shopify selling experts monitors and scales your Shopify store to new heights. We manage your products, inventory, sales, customer service & store entirely. We have several Automation clients generating 6-7 figures in revenue annually.

Generate Revenue

The purpose of an Shopify Automation business is to earn passive income without lifting a finger. This is what our team does for clients while targeting a 15%-25% profit margin.

With Ecom Sales Genius, we are doing everything for you.

Just Scratching the Surface, We…

Find high ROI products (15-25%+ profit margins)

Build, manage, and optimize your store for conversions

Profit share: Passive cash flow for you each month

Scale your store to 6+ figures and beyond

Create lucrative advertising campaigns and repeatedly find winning products to maximize store growth


Client Results


Why Partner With Us?

  • Our founders have over 15 years combined eCommerce experience.
  • Our team has decades of Ecom Sales Genius experience combined.
  • Our founder has 8 years eCommerce experience.
  • You relax and enjoy largely passive cash flows.
  • We are the most reputable and established Ecom Sales Genius Automation partner offering eCommerce management service for 4+ years.
  • Our recommended softwares provide you weekly sales and profit reports for full transparency.
  • We are an established company who has had a positive reputation in the eCommerce sector for years.
  • We have pioneered eCommerce business management models throughout the industry.

Delivering Client-Centered Solutions

Focusing on you, we provide tailored e-commerce solutions to boost your success. Your goals are our priority.

By 2040, an estimated 95% of all purchases will be through e-commerce. Merchants have been experiencing 15% year over year growth.

With Ecom Sales Genius, unlike marketplaces you actually own your website, traffic, customers, and assets! Our team and service is unique due to our experience, exclusive influencer contacts, specialized e-commerce marketing agency, and vast e-commerce experience across Ecom Sales Genius and many other platforms… There’s more… The 🍒 cherry on top is we help you maximize every dollar you spend on advertising with preferred business credit card partners. With our guidance, you earn 4X points on all ad spend which usually will equate to one “free” first class flight per quarter for our clients! Travel like a king or queen while enjoying largely passive cash flows from your turn-key Ecom Sales Genius business with Ecom Sales Genius.

It’s your turn to earn a piece of the pie!

Put your capital to work with a Done-For-You branded Ecom Sales Genius store.

Submit an application to schedule a call with us today.

Click the link below to discuss this opportunity with our Qualifications Team.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Ecom Sales Genius has been a blessing for my fitness products store! Their handling of my Ecom Sales Genius store and dropshipping has been really impressive to watch, and the profits have been healthy and consistent. Kudos to the team!"

Gary S.

Fitness Products

"Working with Ecom Sales Genius has been a great journey! Their expertise in scaling Ecom Sales Genius stores has blown me away. They have sold trending beauty products on my store for the past 8 months and so far it's been a profit-making machine. They've also made it a smooth shopping experience for my customers!"

Aisha Y.

Trending Beauty Products

"I'm so happy I chose Ecom Sales Genius as my Done for You store operator. They use the dropshipping model which was very attractive to me when I first signed up. They dropship products to customers around the world. They are truly experts in the business and I'm excited to see how my store continues to perform!"

Mia S.

Survivalist Niche Products

"My home decor store has been flourishing since I opted for Ecom Sales Genius’s Ecom Sales Genius services. My store really took off after 6 months and we have been scaling nicely with ads. Their team is always available to chat with if I have any questions. Overall has been a very positive experience!"

Ethan H.

Interior Design & Home Decor Products

Client Requirements


The client must have a buy in to create brand new corp for their company.

Positive Attitude

We want to work with people who understand the power of ecommerce and share our enthusiasm.


We utilize the Ecom Sales Genius Dropshipping business model meaning we list items for sale on your Ecom Sales Genius store and ONLY buy inventory from our suppliers after we make sales on your store. Explore this largely passive business model by scheduling a call.


Regarding expectations and performance, clients should prepare to look at sales and profits on a monthly and quarterly basis.

This is a long term business model, so checking on sales day-to-day is unnecessary. Day to day sales fluctuate, we focus on the bigger picture and increasing the long-term value of your store.

Our team is available to communicate 5 days per week during office hours. We keep an open chat with all of our clients should any day to day questions arise.

We have been told time and time again our transparency, communication, and conservative projections set us apart from competition. We want to be on the same page as our clients so there is no confusion or false expectations

The common determinant in success of a store is consistent inventory working capital so we can effectively scale the Ecom Sales Genius store.


Ready to get started?

We are ready to hop on a call with you! We offer a FREE introductory consultation call to explain our service. From there you can decide if our service is right for you. Our founders are here to answer any questions you may have about this largely passive investment opportunity. Serious inquiries only.